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Thursday, December 30, 2010

MINI SESSIONS {Northeast Ohio Family and Children's Photographer}

I'm offering several dates this year for mini sessions. I'm so excited about this. I love mini sessions. They are shorter and more efficient  than a typical family or portrait session and will result in about 10-15 fully edited photo's. All Mini-Sessions on any given day will take place in a designated spot (different days, different locations). These sessions are really great for just about anyone that wants to:

      update their family portraits

      plan ahead for holiday gifts
     have hassle free holiday card designing

     do not have a lot of time to commit to a full session

The Dates:
  • January 16, 2011. This date will be focused around Valentine's Day and have a lovey dovey feel.
  • April 3, 2011. This date will have an Easter theme and/or Mother's Day.
  • July 3, 2011. This date will not have any sort of theme. But, I felt a nice warm day for a mini session would be perfect.
  • October 2, 2011. This date will have a halloween-y feel. I'm MOST excited about this date. It would be great to gather all the kids and their friends in their costumes for a great shoot.

Each session comes with a disc of fully edited images for you to use anyhwere you'd like. There is no limit or max to the amount of photo's taken and or edited. I do ask that you are on time and ready for the camera so I can complete each session on time.

Message me at tesssmithphotography@yahoo.com for more details and to reserve your spot.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

my sweet felicity { Cleveland Photographer}

I love how she adores her siblings. You should see the way she looks at her brother.    melts.     my.     heart.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

"your camera takes nice pictures!"

When I started taking pictures I had heard from multiple people that my camera took really great photo's. While my camera does indeed take some nice shots, I'm pretty sure I'm the one behind the camera making sure it does what I want it to do. The picture on the left was taken with my camera on full auto. The one on the right was taken in manual. I'm working really hard at taking great photo's. It doesn't exactly come easy and it's something that I've become really passionate about. I put my heart into a photo session.  My camera is not doing it for me. Would you tell a Baker that their ovens are amazing at making the most perfect cupcakes? I hope not. 

best friends

I love to hear my kids playing together. There is nothing more joyous than the sound of them laughing. And laughing together? Amazing. I love that they have the ability to make each other laugh until their little bitty bellies are aching. I can't tell you how many times I've heard "You've got your hands full"  or "wow, so close together in age!". I can't imagine my kids any further apart. I love that they have a built in best friend. I can remember the first time my daughter stuck up for her little brother. My kids were having a rough week at home. Everything had turned into fights and I think we spent more time in timeouts than playing. That Sunday at church Madeline was playing with a little boy who was not being very nice to Jack. I suppose she had decided enough was enough and stood up, took one of the toys and handed it to Jack and said "Hey, you have to share with MY brother. Here you go little buddy." It was then that their friendship really took off. That was a year ago and we've since added another child. I'm so blessed, and my hands are indeed, very full.

These pictures describe them perfectly.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

what should i wear? | Cleveland Family Photographer

I get lots of questions before a photo session. But, the main question I get is "What should we wear?!" In a way I'm thankful for this. I'd rather give a few pointers on how my clients can get the best from their session. COLOR is the answer. Colors and textures add so much drama to a photo. It gives clients a way for them to express themselves. If you’ve got your sweet little heart  set on everyone in white button downs and khaki's, I’m probably not your girl. My style is a little more fresh and a little more modern.

When it comes to portrait photography, clothing plays a huge role in the results of your images. Your outfits do not need to be brand new. You should feel comfortable on the day of your session in clothing that you feel good about. Believe me, you're already going to be a little nervous while standing in front of my lens... don't make yourself even more stressed by wearing something that you don't feel "YOU" in. If you’re not normally a dress-up kind of person, don’t feel like you have to be one for your session.
During your shoot you'll most likely be laying in the grass,  throwing your kids in the air, playing catch in the water, or snuggling with your honey in a field of tall grasses. Wear something that lets you do all that (and more) comfortably and without worry. I want to be able to capture you in the moment and if you're stressed about getting your pants a little dirty it's going to show in the pictures.

And lastly, bring LOTS of outfits. Change your clothes and accessories. It'll seem like you had a photographer following you for weeks. You'll have lots of great shots of you in several outfits. I'm so excited to take your picture I can barely stand it.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Erica and Jimmy {lovey dovey} northeast ohio engagement photographer

I'm so excited to show you these shots. Erica and Jimmy are a very sweet couple. I'm not just saying this because Erica is my sister in law and Jimmy is about to join the "benchwarmers" alongside me, but because they really are so sweet together. They're always snuggling and super lovey towards one another. I make fun of them a lot but in all honesty they're exactly how a newly engaged couple should behave.

During our first session it had started to rain and we needed to reschedule. We met up a few days later and were able to capture some gorgeous shots. I love all of these photo's. They really capture them perfectly.

I hope you love these pictures as much as I do.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mackenzie and Brian | Cleveland Engagement Photographer

It's freezing in Cleveland... freezing! I thought I'd post a few shots from a loverly engagement session I shot over the summer. Again, congratulations!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dr. Seuss birthday soiree | Colin and Aidan turn 2!

Beth e-mailed me asking if I could capture her little one's birthday party. She had told me all about her theme and her boys and I just couldn't resist. I left my husband in charge of all the kids (our littlest arrived 3 weeks ago!) and was welcomed with a hug from a woman I had never met. Her attention to detail was adorable and after I left I received the sweetest e-mail thanking me for my time... before she even saw her pictures. Is this friendship? I think so!  
Here's a peek into Colin and Aidan's 2nd birthday party.