A little boy and his momma | Cleveland Family Photographer Tess Smith Photography

Friday, April 30, 2010

The "D" Family | Cleveland Family Photographer

I love capturing new families. It's so fun to see that new love bloom. A few months ago I reconnected with an old friend that I met in middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL! Facebook is so fun sometimes. I was delighted to see she was a new mommy to the sweetest little guy. She asked me to capture their family and I jumped at the chance. It was a chilly day but the little man was such a good sport and cooperated the entire time. I love a good baby!

can you handle those eyes? and those lips? i love him!

Fragapane's Bakery | Cleveland Business Photographer

Nothing is better on Sunday morning than fresh baked goods, a steamy cup of coffee and some snuggles from your family. I love Sundays. Family, food, church, prayer, laughter, and photography. It's my favorite day. A few Sundays ago the family went to Fragapane's. We snuck our way into the back so I could do some photo's of the kitchen. My husband is a chef and I'm still amazed by the big machines that help produce the most amazing treats.

I took some great shots that I personally think would look great blown up and hung in the shop. I loved these machines. Amazing.

Here's my favorite.

You should have seen the them all lined up in a row. So cool.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The "C" Family | Cleveland Family photographer

Do you know how your mouth hurts when you laugh too much? That's what happened to me after the shoot was over. I had so much fun taking photo's for this family. The best pictures are from true genuine smiles, and this family certainly delivered. Thanks so much C family! I can't wait to take James's 1 year photo's!

Thanks so much! I really did have a great time!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Baby Arthur | Cleveland, Ohio Newborn Photographer

I took maternity photo's of an old friend last fall. She was just sprouting the sweetest little baby bump. She wanted to photograph the announcement that she was having a baby boy. I was thrilled when i received the e-mail that she finally had him. Baby Arthur is one of the sweetest little babies I've seen in a long time. He was wonderful to photograph. I think he may have whimpered for all of 30 seconds while we wrapped him in the baby cocoon.
He's precious. Enjoy your sneak peak!

I adore baby wrinkles. Do you see that mouth?! Loverly.