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Friday, September 30, 2011

The A Family | Answering questions on post-processing | Cleveland Area Family Photographer

I'm often asked how I pick the images I choose to edit. I don't sit down with my clients and let them go over their images. Mainly because I love the whole surprise experience in giving them a disc of images completely edited and ready for viewing. And to be honest, I edit nearly all of the editable shots. I don't shoot with reckless abandon. I look through my lens and wait for what I want to document. I goof off and act silly to get a great smile from your kids or let them stay close and snuggle their momma if they need to. If I notice that a child is shy and reserved I allow them to be shy and reserved. It's my belief that the image should reflect who a person is.  Listed below each of the following images is why I chose to keep them. Why I think they're great and why I'd hope that the family would love them, too. I obviously take photo's of the entire family together and often times I don't share a full family photo in my blog posts or on facebook. I usually like to save that for the family to view for the first time on their own. It's a special photo that means a lot more to them then it does to the rest of the world. So it's theirs.

The family below is awesome. Megan and I met when my youngest was just a few months old. I was desperately scouring the Cleveland area for moms that had anything in common with me. She was a winner. She's calm, easy going, determined, funny, surprising, down right shocking, goal oriented, passionate,  loving, enjoys a good beer, talented and loves her kids with her whole being. She amazed me with the ease in which she cared for her 3 (at the time) kids. She was witty and sharp and I loved it. We've had a few play dates here and there, grabbed a drink together, and chatted on the phone. She answered my new mom questions with comfort.  Our lives are busy and we don't get together anywhere near as often as we should. I miss her. But she has 5 (incredibly stunning) children and I have 3 (equally stunning) babes, myself.
Here you go, Meg. A peek into our session. Your kids are great. They're all 100% original and are so lucky to have you as their momma.

 I love that each child has their own unique way of comforting themselves.

 I love curious baby faces.

 I love the way a mom looks at her child. With so much joy they could literally burst.

 This is just a great shot.

 I love her little look of uncertainty. I love mom's ability to assure her that it will be alright.

I love that she's still a bit unsure.

 I love the confidence she gained after I showed her just how cute she looked.

 I love his big deep baby blues.

 I love his baby drool. The hair curls.

 I love sweet baby Victor's hand perched on his big brother's arm, his little baby bottom teeth, his chins, his wispy hair. I love it all.
 I love the sweet little laughs coming from Reese. She's hilarious. And spunky.

 I love that giant smile coming from Cos.

I love her little missing tooth and sassy hair.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The H Family | Rocky River Family Photographer

I shot THREE family sessions over the weekend. I adore capturing families. I feel like it's what I'm most passionate about. I've done weddings, seniors, landscape.... but nothing sparks my creative energy and tugs at my heart strings like families. Maybe it's because I'm a mom and I feel like I'm instantly connected to them? Maybe it's because I love seeing little budding personalities? Maybe because I know how incredible I find my own family and I want to create something special and memorable for another family to treasure. Whatever the case.... I love it. I find myself so blessed to be able to give keepsakes for another family to treasure forever.

This weekend was so amazing. I captured a family of 3, a family of 4 and a family of 7. I loved seeing the changes as the family size grew. The sweet tender little moments of the itty bitty family of 3. They were just embarking on the new adventure of parenthood. The family of 7 were seasoned. Professional parents. The energy was HIGH and wonderful. The parents had deep rooted connections with each of their children.

This family of F O U R was great. The parents weren't afraid to step in front of the camera and have a good time. The kids were so awesome together and knew how to make eachother laugh. H family I enjoyed our session so much. I hope you love these images as much as I do.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Kat | Northeast Ohio event photography

Just a teeny little sneek peak for her momma.

Jackson | Northeast Ohio Child Photographer

Jack's mommy called me to book a session while I was attending a birthday party for a very cute little 4 year old girl. I'm surprised she took me seriously with all the kids laughing, playing, crying, shouting and screaming in the backround. We met on a very chilly morning in the park to snap a few photo's of a very busy little man.

Happy birthday, Jackson! I hope your first year was celebrated with lots of cake.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Jack is THREE!

My sweet boy turned 3 over the weekend and we all celebrated pirate style. I have so many friends and family to thank for doing such an amazing job with all the details. I'm thinking we may all need to go into business together! We all had so much fun!

Eulaila | Cleveland Event Photographer

I love the images of sweet little Eulaila's baptismal outfit. The gown  was originally a part of her great grandmother's wedding dress. I absolutely love the tradition of passing down such an important piece of family history. It makes the importance of her baptism that much more special. As if her great grandmother was there to share and rejoice in the occasion. Her sweet little bonnet was purchased by her momma. It turns into a hankie to be used on her wedding day. Beautiful.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Anxious | Cleveland Maternity Photographer

I can not wait to hold the little bitty baby growing in this little bitty belly.

Boys! The Feldt Family | Northeast Ohio Natural Light Family Photographer

Beth and I went to school together YEARS ago. We each had our first child within a few months of eachother. Her first is Nolan and if I remember correctly my daughter planted a big giant kiss on him when she was all of 18 months old. I'd most likely have done the same... he's pretty darn cute. Beth and I haven't seen eachother since and we've both added 2 new babes to our families. I was delighted (yep, delighted) whens he asked me to photograph her family. Beth, here's a little peek into your session. Your boys have grown so amazingly. I still adore Nolan. And your littlest's bald noggin is pretty much the cutest thing.