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Monday, January 24, 2011

The R Family | Rocky River, Ohio Newborn Photographer

It was bitter cold when this momma invited me into her home to capture her newest addition. Baby B was bright eyed nearly the entire time I was there. She was heavenly. Calm, snuggly, wrinkly, sweet, just... amazing.  I am in love with newborn photography. It's probably one of my very favorite subjects to capture.  I adore capturing all the sweet little details of new life... how a mother holds her newborn and seeing how gentle new dads are when giving little kisses to their child. Having a baby is so life chaning, so magical and should be captured. There is so much that you forget about those first few days at home with a new baby. In fact I'm a little foggy for the first 3 months after bringing home a new one. (Should I have admitted that seeing as though my newest still isn't quite 3 months?!) 

Can you handle how tiny she is in daddy's hands?

Everyone knows I adore the baby feet. How can anyone NOT love them?!?

Seriously... she's perfection.

Did I mention that this little lady has THREE older sisters? Three very loving, adoring, and funny big sisters.

She  finally fell asleep so we slipped on this sweet little knit hat from Lil Owl Knitts.

Congratulations, "R" family. I hope you enjoy this little peek from our session. Again, thank you SO much for inviting me over. I adore your family.


  1. Those last two shots are perfection! What a sweet baby :)

  2. What a sweet baby....and I LOVE the little freakly noses of her big sisters!!