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Friday, January 28, 2011

Playroom | Cleveland Area Photographer

When we built our house I had a vision for each room. We were certain that our home projects would be minimal in a brand new home. We were wrong. While we haven't had the same problems that our century home had given us, our new home lacks the incredible character and charm that our previous home boasted.
One room that I've been trying hard to accomplish is the playroom. While it's still a work in progress (beautiful design takes trial, error, and cash), I've made some improvements on the cookie cutter room we were given. We (my husband) added our own wainscoting using this tutorial. And I (me... yep, just me!) painted the remaining walls a beautiful shade called Arrowroot from the Martha Stewart line of paints at The Home Depot. Her paints are all color coordinated so they create a harmony in your home from room to room. Decorating made easy. I love it.
I've been searching for artwork to adorn the walls.  I found the sweetest little etsy shop called Sarah Jane Studios. She's had over 8,000 sales so I suppose it's not exactly a little store. I love her prints. They're perfect. I'm hoping to make a few more purchases for the rest of the wall space but I'm having a tough time deciding which prints I like the most!

A few months ago I found Ana White. I love her. I do. She's incredible. On her page she had plans for a similar design of Land of Nod's Elementary Table. My husband built this table in a few hours.

The garland was inspired by Land of Nod, but I made it using some fishing line and the glittery snowflake ornaments from Target. They've been packed away since this photo was taken. I'll use them again next Christmas.
Photo's are great. They only allow you to see what's been captured. On the wall to the left of the table are some crummy beat up bookshleves that are home to tons of toys. I have plans for building pretty toy storage eventually.


  1. Thanks! It took forever to find it. I love it so much that I carried the color upstairs into the hallway.